Our staff at Skydive Fayetteville strive to make your skydive a very memorable experience.  We consider each other family and we welcome you with open arms!  


Jacob Crutchfield

Chief Pilot and drop zone owner

Jumps: 2

Years in sport: 8 years

FAA Single and Multi Engine Commercial License

2000+ Total Flight Time

Mustache Aficionado


Hoyt Perry

Lead Instructor

Jumps: 4928

D license 17215

Years in sport: 28 years

Ratings: AFF, Static line, IAD, Tandem, Pro rated, and Coach

Regional safety and training advisor of state of Arkansas


Justin Russell

Tandem Instructor and videographer

Jumps: 2892+

Years in sport: 19 years

D license 25687

Ratings: Tandem, Coach


Holly Hoover


Jumps: 110+

Years in sport: 3 years

B license

Ratings: Coach


Ian Walters

Head packer, FAA rigger

Jumps: 182

Years in sport: 9 years

B license

Ratings: FAA senior rigger and Coach

Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master


Mac McElroy

Videographer and Instructor

Jumps: 296

Years in sport: 4 years

C license 45462

Ratings: Static line, IAD, and Coach


Dustin Pile

Videographer and coach

Jumps: 480+

Years in sport:

C license 44274

Ratings: Coach and Tandem


Mitch Church

Jumps: 810+

Years in sport: 13 years

D licence 34008

Ratings: Pro Rated


Brandon Cawood

Tandem Instructor and drop zone owner

Jumps: 2000+

Years in sport: 13 years

D license 33466

Ratings: static line, IAD, Tandem, FAA senior rigger, and Pro Rated